Leaping Lizards

leapig lizardsDont miss the Leaping Lizards Bush Dance.  The Leaping Lizards are truly one of the most experienced ambassador bands of their time.

Multiple award holders and first choice in Aussie cultural entertainment to greet thousands of local and overseas gala corporate and community events. 


2014 marks the 30th anniversary of the Leaping Lizards as a band! From good foundations set in 1984, the band has since had the perseverance, persistence, fortitude & resilience to adapt and roll with the punches. Here in 2014, the Leaping Lizards add an influentially edgy and determinate weave to the Australian musical fabric of our times. They specialize in Australiana and Celtic music, or if interaction is what you are looking for, bushdancing will guarantee your guests will have such fantastic time they will talk about it for years.....just imagine your group whooping it up! See link below, YouTube footage called “What is Australian Bushdancing?” This gives you an idea of what bushdancing is. Language is no barrier to having fun, once your guests are on the floor under expert guidance from the band, they’ll be galloping the dances in minutes!