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The Gold Coast Folk Festival orginated in 2005 as a "Day of Bluegrass" at the Southport Bowls Club.  That event also marked the beginning of the Gold Coast Acoustic Music Club (Coast Acoustics), which now has over 500 members. The Gold Coast Folk Festival has been held each year in various forms and locations withup to 4000 people attending and enjoying over 30 local, regional, national and internatinal acts.

Folk festivals are an important part of today’s cultural experience. Music unites people and a folk festival is a great opportunity for like-minded people to get together. It’s where we identify with each other as well as the music.

Folk Festivals appeal to all ages because they cover a broad range of genres including Roots, Indie, Bluegrass, Blues and Contemporary as well as Traditional folk. 

Folk songs reflect the challenges of our times, as well as remind us of times gone by. Today’s folk legends include people like Paul Kelly, Bernard Fanning and John Butler. Folk songs may not always be at the top of the charts, but they are important because they reflect Australian society.

Folk festivals keep the live music culture alive. The loss of these venues would be a devastating blow to the Australian music scene.

There is something for everyone at a Folk Festival. There are folk festivals all around the country and we are always amazed at the amount of talent and the diversity of styles. There are always surprises. Bluegrass bands, for example, are amazing. The music is raw and fast and it never fails to impress when you get 5 instruments in sync with amazing vocal harmonies.

It's great to watch skilful musician playing live, warts and all. It’s better to see and hear someone playing live, and drop a few notes here and there, rather than listen to a perfect studio produced version. 

There is so much local talent here on the Gold Coast and our aim is to continue to provide an opportunity for local artists to showcase their material. While pubs and clubs provide work for some, there are not nearly enough opportunities to cater for those who want to present new and original material.

 The Gold Coast Folk Festival Association  

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